Travel Tips

I am starting with my first ever edition of travel advice for anyone travelling or wishing to travel abroad. Feel free to ask questions, contribute or share your travel experiences.


Travel Tip #1
Always read your travel itinerary well, make sure you have your time a correct i.e. Check-In time and departure as well as your dates. You don’t want any surprises at the airport because you failed to take time to read and understand!!! 


Travel Tip #2
Have a checklist of all items you pack especially the relevant documents and items. Check out the items when you are sure you have packed them. You can’t afford to leave behind certain relevant documents such as your passport or toothbrush!


Travel Tip #3
Most people take travel insurance lightly and never discuss travel insurance in detail with their travel agents. It is important to know what your travel insurance covers you against in the event of any unforeseen situations which may subject you to a financial loss or otherwise. These situations can include Trip Cancellation/Interruption due to weather, sudden illness, death and emergencies whilst at home or abroad.


Travel Tip #4
Always make sure you have an emergency first aid kit containing basic emergency drugs when travelling abroad. These drugs can include basic painkillers such as brufen, paracetamol, panadol etc and drugs for stomach upsets just in case your stomach doesn’t go too well with foreign meals and also drugs who colds and sore-throats etc. Please do well to consult a pharmacist before travelling. If you have any peculiar medical issues, consult your doctor before travelling.



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